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Swift River Newsletter – October 2017

Dreamforce 2017
The biggest tech conference in the world is about to descend upon the city of San Francisco in 38 days! Please let us know if you’re attending and we’ll schedule a time to connect. For those of you who can’t make it this year, you can still benefit by checking out the session recordings after the event. Of the 2700+ sessions at Dreamforce, here are some we’d like to highlight from the nonprofit space:

K – 12 License Donations
In an effort to continue their long standing support of technology education, Salesforce has announced an extension of the license donation program to eligible K – 12 schools!  If you’re involved with your local grade school as a parent, or maybe you’re a teacher, or you just […]

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Swift River Newsletter – September 2017

What better way to end the summer than with a “Month of Free”!  With so much going on in the world these days, and in our country in particular, it feels more important than ever to do everything we can to support nonprofits with excellent resources and tools.  We hope some of the offerings this month will help folks keep moving forward in the face of challenging times.

Pro Bono Consultation Hour
We’re offering a pro bono consulting hour to all of our clients because sometimes all you need to shed light on something is a helpful voice on the other end of the phone. We all get so busy that we miss the simple updates, solutions or strategies that can make a world of difference in our day to day lives. While we’ve already met with many of you, our offer of a pro bono consulting hour will go right up to Dreamforce, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us ( or this month or next!  Here are some of the topics we can cover together:

  • Salesforce Health Check – […]
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Swift River Newsletter – August 2017

Lightning, Lightning, Lightning
Lightning keeps getting better and better! Katie recently attended the TrailheaDX Salesforce Developer conference where Salesforce shared what’s on the Lightning Roadmap. This webinar includes demos and the insider scoop. Good news! They’re planning to remove white space from the page and make navigating records even easier. You can also watch the recent HUB Office Hours – All About Lightning to learn about the killer Lightning features and clever hacks currently available in your instance. If you haven’t yet converted to Lightning, we recommend joining the Migrate to Lightning Experience Webinar hosted by on August 22nd @9am PDT.

NEW! NPSP Best Practices
You might know how to convert a Lead or setup a Campaign, but how are these features actually used in the nonprofit space? This was a big focus during the last NPSP Community Sprint and we’re now seeing the fruits of our labor. Check out these new NPSP Best Practice documents, created by community members working at organizations like yours.

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Tech Recipe: Attendance Forms in Form Assembly

We often get requests from our nonprofit clients to display Salesforce records as a list in an online form.  These online forms might be used for logging attendance, registering for classes, signing up for conference seminars or updating family member information. Let’s look at a real life example of using lists in an online form from one of our clients.

The Baan Dek Foundation educates children of immigrant workers in Thailand. They use the form below to log attendance at their educational sessions in the field on Android tablets. The form is built using Form Assembly, which they’ve configured to integrate with their Salesforce instance. Click here to read more about the Baan Dek Foundation project.

Attendance Form Example 1

Below is another example of an attendance form.

Attendance Form 2

You can create a beautiful form like this using repeatable sections in Form Assembly. Note, this article is intended for advanced System Administrators who are familiar with […]

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Swift River Newsletter – July 2017

Happy Birthday NPSP 🎉
Even the tech world has birthdays. Celebrate the 100th NPSP release with the rest of us on the HUB and hear which features the community loves most. We’ve hit an important milestone of passionate community members coming together over the years!

Summer 17 Release Nonprofit Webinar
You might have noticed some changes in your instance as we all move over to the 2017 Summer Release together. If your curious about all the newly available goodies check out the Highlights of the Summer ’17 Release Webinar. presents this webinar with a particular focus on features which benefit nonprofits like you. As an extra bonus, hear about the newest NPSP releases towards the end of the recording as well.

Address Management
There’s a lot of functionality built around addresses in NPSP which can sometimes cause confusion. That is why several community members came together at a recent NPSP Sprint to bring some clarity to the chaos. Read up on the new Address Management Best Practices knowledge article that they helped create in the NPSP documentation.

Dreamforce […]

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Swift River Newsletter – June 2017

What’s New in NPSP Reporting
Did you miss the news about the Community Contributed NPSP Reports and snazzy Reporting Workbook? No worries because will walk you through all of this new content in a webinar with Swift River’s very own Kristina Winters. The webinar takes place on June 15th @11am PDT and you can sign up here: Awesome Admins Guide to What’s New in Reporting for NPSP.

NEW Volunteers for Salesforce Documentation
If you’re using or thinking about using the Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) app with NPSP, check out this new documentation set. To supplement the V4S Trailhead module that came out several months ago, there are now step by step instructions on how to configure and use Volunteers for Salesforce. Thank you NPSP documentation team!

Lightning Feature – Kanban Everything
We want to keep you in the loop about cool Lightning features which might motivate you to enable the new user interface. This month, we’re showing off Kanbans in List Views!  You can create slick Kanban views to easily visualize and update records. Below is an example […]

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Swift River Consulting – May 2017

Nonprofits meet Marc Benioff
Several members from our Salesforce Nonprofit community had the honor of meeting with Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, at the Diversity Awards in Washington DC.  You can see a few of our Salesforce MVPS with Benioff (the tall guy) below. They had a chance to thank Benioff for his commitment and support for nonprofits.

Salesforce Files
You might have heard that “Files” are the new “Attachments.” What does that mean for you?  Right now many nonprofits are using the old “Notes & Attachments” related list, but you’ll need to eventually migrate to this new feature within several years because the old feature will be deprecated in Lightning. Salesforce Files are a more robust way to track documents and relate them to records. It’s easy to enable the new feature, but it’s a pain to migrate your existing Attachments to the Files object. Luckily, a generous Salesforce MVP, Doug Ayers, has built a conversion tool to help with the process. Find out more about Salesforce Files and the free Conversion Tool.

Salesforce Notes
Salesforce Notes is the new and improved version […]

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Swift River Newsletter – April 2017

Spring has sprung and there is hope for sun again here in the Pacific Northwest!  For those of us stuck inside during the sunny moments, we bring you good reading in our April newsletter instead.
Salesforce Admin Learning Journey
How can I stay on top of all the Salesforce features and configurations? A very generous community member, Paul Collier, has taken the time to compile an administrator curriculum for the part-time admin: Salesforce Administrator’s Learning Journey. Whether you’re a new admin or a veteran admin, take a look at these resources to see how many you’ve covered.

Community Sprint Recap

The NPSP Community sprint took over Baltimore this month with 80 participants working together to improve the state of Addresses, Lead Management, Data Management, De-duping, NPSP Trailheads and How-To Videos. We bonded over strategic conversations, documentation, morning runs and dinner at a local art museum. Keep an eye out in the Power of Us HUB for all the amazing new content produced at the recent sprint. If you’re interested in attending a sprint, don’t hesitate to […]

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Swift River Newsletter – March 2017

How did it get to be March already??  Things are moving fast this year so far, and spring is right around the corner.  One event we always look forward to every spring is NTEN’s NTC.  In case you happen to be attending this year, or are in the DC/Baltimore area regardless, our very own Katie McFadden will be there and would love to say hello!  Drop us a line if you’re planning to attend!

NEW! FormAssembly Auto-Suggest Feature
Many of you are using FormAssembly to build and manage online forms. We’re excited to tell you about a new feature called Auto-Suggest. This feature populates a search field with suggestions as you type. This might be a great enhancements to your Application and Registration forms.

New! NPSP Reports/Dashboards and Workbook

Most of the NPSP reports in your Salesforce instance were built in 2012 before the Household Account Model, cross filters feature, GAU Allocations, Matching Gifts, etc. ever existed. This means that we’ve all been building the same reports from scratch for years! That’s why 14 community members came together during the course of a […]

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Swift River Newsletter – January 2017

We have lots of great tips this month to start off the new year!

The Pub Crawl
The Power of Us HUB is the primary forum for all things nonprofit Salesforce, but it can be hard to stay on top of all of the posts and chatter. That’s why we recommend signing up for the The Pub Crawl. Our friends over at Soapbox Engage put together this overview of important Hub conversations so that you don’t have to waste your time. Topics span anywhere from nonprofit events to best practices. Give it a try!

TLS 1.0 Encryption
What the heck is this? Great question. You’ve probably received some emails from Salesforce warning you of the imminent TSL encryption changes. This is a platform change which affects coded integrations with Salesforce. If you have custom code, we’re happy to review whether this will be affected. If you have 3rd party apps (almost everyone) please check this community supported List of TLS Status for Common Apps. As long as your apps are marked as ok on this list, you shouldn’t […]

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