Project Description

Wardrobe For Opportunity (WFO) was in need of a new system to track the number of clients they had served.


WFO was in need of a new tracking system for clients served (WFO provides free interview and working wardrobes to low-income jobseekers) including monthly data from which partners our clients had been referred and key demographic data.

  • WFO wanted to track the number of clients who were being referred from each of their 100 referral partners
  • WFO Needed a robust volunteer management system that would show volunteers interests, skills, volunteer roles and availability
  • Needed group calendaring capabilities
  • Wanted to track referral partner organizations and key contacts
  • Wanted to track inventory, especially the sizes of clothing that were most in demand
  • Wanted to be able to easily generate reports for funders that included number of clients served, number of referral partners, and key demographic data


  • Created custom objects in salesforce for Volunteer recruitment, placement and hour tracking
  • Configured Opportunity object to track “Dressing Session” transaction
  • Created multiple reports that generate key data
“Salesforce has helped us show the community, our funders, and ourselves that we are achieving our mission.”

– Nicole Levine, Executive Director

Resulting Benefits: Swift River Consulting Achieves Valuable Client Metrics and Volunteer Management Capabilities

  • IConserving resources: since clients are only allowed two visits, we can now track every client visit and are no longer duplicating services if a client has already come through our program
  • Improved volunteer retention since our salesforce system allows us to schedule volunteers when they are available and match them up with the volunteer roles in which they are most interested. Also, we are able to send out regular emails to volunteers marked as active in the salesforce database.
  • Salesforce helps us make our case to funders since we can easily show the number of clients we serve, key demographics of our clients, and the agencies that are most active in referring us clients.