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As part of our Pledge 1% effort this year, three Swift River employees embarked on a journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work with a very special organization called the Baan Dek Foundation. Baan Dek’s mission is to support the children of immigrant construction workers by providing them with health, education and safety services that they often don’t receive due to their legal status.

Baan Dek had been tracking program attendance for measurement and evaluation via paper forms and Excel spreadsheets. They were already using Salesforce and NPSP for fundraising and knew it could be configured for program management as well. As their programs grew, it was finally time to make the switch to Salesforce for a more efficient way to gather and store data. After receiving several donated tablets from a funder, they contacted us about an Salesforce integrated form for logging attendance out in the field.

Given that we had only one week of pro bono work for this project, we had to find a solution that was:

1. Affordable
2. Quick
3. Easy to use (internationally, in Thai)
4. Easy to maintain
5. Pre-fills data from Salesforce
6. Easily replicated across programs

Luckily, we were able to meet all of theses requirements using a Form Assembly form and Salesforce.

We arrived in Thailand on Sunday and started working on this project with the Baan Dek team on Monday morning. Literally four days later, we were standing at a construction site with a dozen small children running around us, taking attendance on a tablet for their class.  It’s not often that we get to see such a direct, immediate, tangible result from our work, especially since we do most of our consulting work remotely.

Baan Dek is now equipped with tablets to submit an Attendance Log on site. They can quickly log attendance at the beginning of each session and access live and accurate data in Salesforce reports and dashboards back in the office. Here’s a sample of their attendance tracking form:

Baan Dek Attendance Form View 1


They fill out the following section of the Attendance Log to mark which children were present at the session.

Baan Dek Attendance Form View 2


Once the form is submitted, it automatically creates participation records for each of the selected attendees in Salesforce.

Baan Dek Salesforce Screen


This same attendance form design pattern can be used for all sorts of non-profit needs involving mass updating or mass creating records based on Salesforce data. For example, collecting data in the field, updating event attendees, registering for conference seminars or enrolling in courses. Check out our related technical blog to see the step-by-step instructions for Using Lists in Online Forms.

It was immensely gratifying for us to see Baan Dek using their tablets to take attendance and pushing real time data into Salesforce, saving the team hours of time slugging away with paper and spreadsheets. Baan Dek plans to expand their use of Form Assembly and Salesforce across the remainder of their programs, using this first program as a template.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to get to know the Baan Dek Foundation. The organization is staffed by some of the most committed, passionate people we’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. The work they’re doing is incredibly important in their community, and we’re deeply thankful to have been able to help in some small way.