Nonprofits meet Marc Benioff
Several members from our Salesforce Nonprofit community had the honor of meeting with Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, at the Diversity Awards in Washington DC.  You can see a few of our Salesforce MVPS with Benioff (the tall guy) below. They had a chance to thank Benioff for his commitment and support for nonprofits.

Salesforce Files
You might have heard that “Files” are the new “Attachments.” What does that mean for you?  Right now many nonprofits are using the old “Notes & Attachments” related list, but you’ll need to eventually migrate to this new feature within several years because the old feature will be deprecated in Lightning. Salesforce Files are a more robust way to track documents and relate them to records. It’s easy to enable the new feature, but it’s a pain to migrate your existing Attachments to the Files object. Luckily, a generous Salesforce MVP, Doug Ayers, has built a conversion tool to help with the process. Find out more about Salesforce Files and the free Conversion Tool.

Salesforce Notes
Salesforce Notes is the new and improved version of “Notes & Attachments.” You get a rich text edit and realtime saving. But of course, the catch…yes… You’ll want to migrate your old Note records to the new Notes object as well, which can be a complicated process. So it’s a good idea to keep this eventual migration on the radar. Similarly to Files, there will be a conversion tool to help move “Notes & Attachments” to the new Notes object.

Click & Pledge’s Free Facebook Ads
Here’s a cool new feature from Click & Pledge – Facebook Ads! A new integration with Facebook Ads Manager allows you to link an ad to your donation page. C&P will front the cost for you to have one Facebook Ad per C&P Campaign. Read more about C&P Facebook Ads to see how they appear in your feed.

Click & Pledge Free Videos
C&P has also declared the Year of Causes. They are committed to spend 2017 helping nonprofits tell their stories by producing videos. If you’re interested in getting featured in such a video be sure to let C&P know and ask about the selection process.

Virtual Tip Jar – Salesforce AppExchange Listing
How did you find out about Swift River initially? Many clients find out about us when they’re researching consulting partners in the Salesforce AppExchange. If you’ve had a good experience working with us so far, please share that in a review to help other nonprofits find a good fit. We appreciate your virtual tip!

The Swift River Team