Lightning, Lightning, Lightning
Lightning keeps getting better and better! Katie recently attended the TrailheaDX Salesforce Developer conference where Salesforce shared what’s on the Lightning Roadmap. This webinar includes demos and the insider scoop. Good news! They’re planning to remove white space from the page and make navigating records even easier. You can also watch the recent HUB Office Hours – All About Lightning to learn about the killer Lightning features and clever hacks currently available in your instance. If you haven’t yet converted to Lightning, we recommend joining the Migrate to Lightning Experience Webinar hosted by on August 22nd @9am PDT.

NEW! NPSP Best Practices
You might know how to convert a Lead or setup a Campaign, but how are these features actually used in the nonprofit space? This was a big focus during the last NPSP Community Sprint and we’re now seeing the fruits of our labor. Check out these new NPSP Best Practice documents, created by community members working at organizations like yours.

NEW! Lightning for Outlook/Gmail
We live in our inboxes, which is why Salesforce has been investing heavily in native integration tools. The Summer ’17 release includes new native functionality for integrating email and Salesforce called Lightning for Outlook/Gmail. The best part is that it’s free! Many of you are probably using Cirrus Insight, which is still the most robust sync out there. But if you want a more simplistic integration for additional users, give this new feature a whirl.

This is your chance to meet fellow community members at an NPSP Day event near you. Bring your burning questions and eagerness to share and learn and you’ll be sure to walk away with “A-ha!” moments and camaraderie. Katie will be attending the Washington DC, Portland and San Francisco events. If you have any questions about how these events can benefit you and your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Client Corner:  First Scholars – A Program of The Suder Foundation
The Suder Foundation’s First Scholars program needed to streamline communication between students and program staff and get a real-time assessment of the program’s success metrics. Read more about how Swift River refined, improved and re-aligned their everyday operations, and check out Suder’s Impact Report that resulted from their project!

Interesting Apps for Nonprofits
Here at Swift River we regularly do app demos to stay on top of the trends. Recently we’ve explored some new ones that we don’t currently work with but want to learn more about ourselves, and thought you might, too!   Fill out this form to let us know which of these you would be interested in seeing a demo of.

The Swift River Team