Happy Birthday NPSP 🎉
Even the tech world has birthdays. Celebrate the 100th NPSP release with the rest of us on the HUB and hear which features the community loves most. We’ve hit an important milestone of passionate community members coming together over the years!

Summer 17 Release Nonprofit Webinar
You might have noticed some changes in your instance as we all move over to the 2017 Summer Release together. If your curious about all the newly available goodies check out the Highlights of the Summer ’17 Release Webinar. Salesforce.org presents this webinar with a particular focus on features which benefit nonprofits like you. As an extra bonus, hear about the newest NPSP releases towards the end of the recording as well.

Address Management
There’s a lot of functionality built around addresses in NPSP which can sometimes cause confusion. That is why several community members came together at a recent NPSP Sprint to bring some clarity to the chaos. Read up on the new Address Management Best Practices knowledge article that they helped create in the NPSP documentation.

Dreamforce 2017
Already? How times flies! It’s that time of year to start thinking about Dreamforce Registration. This event will sell out, so don’t linger. At Swift River, we feel so strongly about the benefits of attending Dreamforce that we always offer pro bono time to talk to any organization about it. If you’re trying to make a case to your Executive Director or yourself, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss.

Click & Pledge Updates
Our resident Click & Pledge guru, Kristina Winters, has some important updates from the latest release.

  • Receipting – You will be able to send fully customizable receipts to anyone. For more details read up on the Receipt Builder and Settings Updates. This feature is also being used to help retire the C&P Portal. Anyone who uses Portal receipts will have their settings ported into this system and any changes should be made here from now on. There will be NO interruption in sending receipts but the receipt *may* look slightly different.
  • Default Values for Custom Questions – You can now add default values to custom questions. For example, you can pre-check “Yes, send me the newsletter” to encourage engagement with your constituents.

Form Assembly Troubleshooting
For those of you using Form Assembly, you know that a complex tool can have complex troubleshooting. Many of you have developed this artful skill over the years and some are getting up to speed now. Check out this recent class on How to Troubleshoot a Form Assembly Salesforce Connector to learn the ins and outs. I’ve added this to our documentation on How to Beta-Test a Form Assembly Form.

The Swift River Team