What’s New in NPSP Reporting
Did you miss the news about the Community Contributed NPSP Reports and snazzy Reporting Workbook? No worries because Salesforce.org will walk you through all of this new content in a webinar with Swift River’s very own Kristina Winters. The webinar takes place on June 15th @11am PDT and you can sign up here: Awesome Admins Guide to What’s New in Reporting for NPSP.

NEW Volunteers for Salesforce Documentation
If you’re using or thinking about using the Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) app with NPSP, check out this new documentation set. To supplement the V4S Trailhead module that came out several months ago, there are now step by step instructions on how to configure and use Volunteers for Salesforce. Thank you NPSP documentation team!

Lightning Feature – Kanban Everything
We want to keep you in the loop about cool Lightning features which might motivate you to enable the new user interface. This month, we’re showing off Kanbans in List Views!  You can create slick Kanban views to easily visualize and update records. Below is an example of a List View of Campaigns which is bucketed by Stage (blue column headers) and summarized by number of recipients (green number at the top of the column). The coolest part is that you can drag and drop records within these buckets to update picklist values.

Pub Crawl
There’s a ton of content pouring through the Power of Us HUB these days. If you want to catch the highlights without getting bogged down in hundreds of posts, sign up for the PUB Crawl. Our good friends over at Soapbox Engage curate the most important HUB content each week. Here’s a preview of some posts from this past month:

NPSP Days in Europe!
Swift River team member Katie McFadden recently crossed the Atlantic to connect with our nonprofit brothers and sisters in Europe. She teamed up with Soapbox Engage to facilitate NPSP Days in Amsterdam and London. We’ll be reporting on more about this trip and what we learned in our next newsletter! (Photo from NPSP Amsterdam)

NPSP Community Sprint – August in Chicago!
Do you ever feel lonely slogging away at your desk working on Salesforce config? Come out and meet the community! The NPSP team facilitates a community sprint twice a year. We had a lively crew attend in Baltimore early this year and now we’re ready to gather again in Chicago on August 8th and 9th. The registration is filling up quickly so don’t delay: NPSP Community Sprint Registration

The Swift River Team