How did it get to be March already??  Things are moving fast this year so far, and spring is right around the corner.  One event we always look forward to every spring is NTEN’s NTC.  In case you happen to be attending this year, or are in the DC/Baltimore area regardless, our very own Katie McFadden will be there and would love to say hello!  Drop us a line if you’re planning to attend!

NEW! FormAssembly Auto-Suggest Feature
Many of you are using FormAssembly to build and manage online forms. We’re excited to tell you about a new feature called Auto-Suggest. This feature populates a search field with suggestions as you type. This might be a great enhancements to your Application and Registration forms.

New! NPSP Reports/Dashboards and Workbook

Most of the NPSP reports in your Salesforce instance were built in 2012 before the Household Account Model, cross filters feature, GAU Allocations, Matching Gifts, etc. ever existed. This means that we’ve all been building the same reports from scratch for years! That’s why 14 community members came together during the course of a couple NPSP Community Sprints to build out 67 new reports and 4 new dashboards. This effort was led by our very own Swift River team member Kristina Winters. Check out these New NPSP Reports and the New Reporting Workbook which describes each report/dashboard and how you can customize them.

App Consumer Reports
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the multitude of apps available in the Salesforce AppExchange these days? It’s hard to distinguish between different online form, document merge, payment processor or mass email tools. That was the inspiration for the @App Advice and Consumer Reports group in the Hub. Community members contribute their everyday knowledge of apps for the benefit of others in a comparison spreadsheet. Join the online group to see all of the reviews created so far in the left sidebar.

TLS Disablement
Breaking news! The TLS disablement date has been pushed back to July 22, 2017. Read this post to find out more about TLS Disablement and whether this is relevant to your org.  If you have any doubts, we’re happy to help determine if this will affect you.

Lightning – Known Issues with NPSP
If you’ve been playing around with Lightning in your org, you might be wondering about any gotchas with NPSP. The fact is that most NPSP features function very well, but there are still some which don’t quite place nicely. Check out this list of NPSP: Known Issues in Lightning.

NPSP Roadmap: Campaign List Tool
Have you ever built a report only to find that the “Add to Campaign” button was missing? Only certain report types support adding Contacts to a Campaign, which can be quite frustrating. Luckily the NPSP developers have our back! There’s a tool coming out within several months which allows you to create Campaign Lists based on any report with a Contact ID. We’ll keep you posted about the official launch of this new tool, but just know that life is about to get better!

The Swift River Team