Dreamforce 2017
The biggest tech conference in the world is about to descend upon the city of San Francisco in 38 days! Please let us know if you’re attending and we’ll schedule a time to connect. For those of you who can’t make it this year, you can still benefit by checking out the session recordings after the event. Of the 2700+ sessions at Dreamforce, here are some we’d like to highlight from the nonprofit space:

K – 12 License Donations
In an effort to continue their long standing support of technology education, Salesforce has announced an extension of the license donation program to eligible K – 12 schools!  If you’re involved with your local grade school as a parent, or maybe you’re a teacher, or you just want to support K – 12 technology education, check out the details of the announcement here and please let us know if you’d like to explore what it means to implement Salesforce for a school you care about!

Winter 18′ Release
It’s that time of year when Salesforce delivers new features and functionality in the winter release. Your Salesforce instance will get automatically upgraded during the early part of October. Brace yourselves for some really exciting stuff! I’ve highlighted the most relevant items below:

Give Your Instance a Scrub
We recommend scrubbing your database periodically throughout the year. With multiple users, online submissions and temporary interns/volunteers, you never know what you’re going to find in there. Here are two useful tools to help scrub your instance clean:

  • NPSP Health Check – This tool from Salesforce.org checks for NPSP related issues related to households, opportunities, contact roles, payments and more
  • Salesforce Optimizer – This tool from Salesforce.com checks for standard feature issues such as fields which aren’t being used, nearing limits, etc.

NPSP Day Portland and San Francisco
After wrapping up NPSP Day DC last month, Katie is back on the west coast and eager to meet you at the upcoming NPSP Days. These events are all about surfacing community knowledge to produce as many “aha” moments as possible.  We’re each other’s most valuable trainers because we live and breathe Salesforce tools everyday. It’s like the Power of Us HUB, but live!

Oregon Nonprofit Tech Roundup
Dianna Stockdale from the Swift River team will be attending the upcoming Oregon Nonprofit Tech Roundup event on October 3rd. This two day conference educates, inspires, and prepares nonprofits to implement or advance organizational strategies and campaigns. This is a great opportunity to meet other non-profiteers and consultants to work through similar challenges in the digital engagement world. If you’re planning to attend, please let us know so that we can schedule a time to connect.
Client Corner: GiveDirectly
We’d like to highlight one of our clients this month who has had a lot of impact using Salesforce. GiveDirectly uses modern payment technology to directly connect the haves with the have-nots. Their approach circumvents the common problem of donation dollars leaking into the wrong hands when crossing borders. Over the years, the organization has transformed from wrangling spreadsheets to a mostly hands-free database to manage donation engagement. They’ve been able to move from a $200,000 budget in 2012 to over $140 million raised as of 2017! Read more about their success story here.

The Swift River Team